E.T.PACK-Fly is an EIC Transition Project funded by the European Innovation Council with 2.5 M€. The team of the project includes Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M, Coordinator), the University of Padova, the Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden), the Spanish company SENER Aeroespacial and the German start-up Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA). The main goal of E.T.PACK-F is to prepare a Ready-to-Fly (TRL 8) deorbit device based on ElectroDynamic Tether (EDT) technology. Two partners of the E.T.PACK-F consortium, SENER Aeroespacial and RFA, has signed a Launch Service Agreement to make an in-orbit-demonstration of the deorbit device in 2025.

Besides technology development activites , the E.T.PACK-F project will also dedicate resources to develop the business model for the future commercialisation of E.T.PACK technologies. A summary of these technologies can be found in the Section Products/Services and they involve the deorbit device, specialized software on EDTs, electron emitters, minituarized avionics, and cold gas systems for small spacecraft.


G. Sánchez – Arriaga
Associate Professor
M. Sanjurjo
Associate Professor
A. Marcos
Beatriz Galindo Distinguished Senior Investigator
L. Chiabó
PhD Student
A. Del Pino
PhD Student

L. Tarabini Castellani
Inudstrial Project Manager
S. García
System Engineer
A. Ortega
Mechanical Leader
A. Velasco
Avionics Leader
A. Martinez
AOCS Engineer
Software Engineer
S. Orte
Project Engineer
H. Gutierrez Li
Test Engineer

E. Lorenzini
Full Professor
C. Bettanini
Assistant Professor
G. Colombatti
Assistant Professor
A. Valmorbida
Research Associate
A. Brunello
PhD student
S. Chiodini
Research Associate
G. Anese
Post-Graduate Researcher
G. Polato
Post-graduate Researcher

M. Tajmar
Full Professor
C. Drobny
Research Scientist
J.P. Wulfkühler
Research Scientist
J. Hertel
Research Scientist
R. Nerger
Student Assistant

D. Hubert
Project Manager
I. Ata
RFA Head of Sales & Business Development