Business Model for Orbital Maneuvering kit (BMOM) is an Innovation Launchpad project funded by the European Commission. Its main goal is make a business model for the Deorbit Device (DD) based on electrodynamic tether technology that is currently under development in the framework of the E.T.PACK project. Specific objectives of BMOM team are

  • Perform a DD market analysis.
  • Define the most appropriate DD use case.
  • Address the industrial needs and costs to reach a commercial product.
  • Validate the DD use cases with respect to the competence via simulations.
  • Provide financial indicators of the identified business

Started in May 2021 and funded with 100k€ by the European Commissio, this 1-year project will help to turn the flagship result of E.T.PACK, i.e. the DD, into a genuine innovation with a disruptive socio-economic impact in the space sector while increasing the competitiveness of the European space industry. Besides activities on market analysis and competitiveness assessments, BMOM’s dissemination plan includes meetings with potential investors, customers, and public bodies in order to create the conditions to accelerate the development and the future commercialization of two concrete products: the DK and the EDT mission analysis software BETsMA v2.0 (see section Products/Services).

BMOM involves three institutions: SENER Aerospace (Coordinator), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and Euroconsult.

L. Tarabini
System Engineer
G. Sánchez – Arriaga
Associate Professor
L. Chiabó
PhD Student

Maxime Puteaux, Principal Advisor

Alexandre Najjar, Senior Consultant

Gabriel Deville, Senior Consultant
  • December 13-16th 2021, Lorenzo Tarabini, System Engineer at SENER Aeroespacial, and Gonzalo Sánchez-Arriaga, professor at UC3M and Coordinator of the E.T.PACK project, presented the workshop “Propellant-less Orbital Mobility Device” in the World Satellite Business Week, the annual rendez-vous for every leader from the global satellite connectivity and information business, held in Paris. Find the brochure of the workshop here.