A unique and highly specialized consortium without redundancies has been created to prove the feasibility of LWTs. It has knowledge on LWTs and plasmas (UC3M), thermionic materials (IKTS), tethers and mechanisms (UniPD), electric propulsion (TUD), solid state devices (ATD), and space product development (SENER). It has the expertise and the facilities to face confidently the extraordinary scientific and technological challenges of E.T.PACK. The mix between academia (UC3M, TUD, UniPD), a research centers (IKTS), a SME (ATD) and a large company (SENER) is appropriate to the needs of the project and will ensure results transfer to industry and promote the creation of startups and jobs.

G. Sánchez – Arriaga
E.T.PACK Coordinator
G. Borderes Postdoctoral Researcher
L. Chiabó
S. Garcia
M. Sanjurjo Associate
S. Shahsavani

K. Waetzig
Senior Scientist
S. Mosch
Senior Scientist
A. Rost
Senior Scientist

M. Tajmar
Full Professor
C. Drobny
Lead on C12A7 Cathode
P. Laufer
Lead on CNT Thruster
N. Gondol Scientist
W. Stark Research Scientist
J.P. Wulfkühler Research Scientist

E. Lorenzini
G. Sarego
Postdoctoral Researcher
C. Bettanini Assistant Professor
L. Olivieri
Postdoctoral Researcher

G. Colombatti Senior Researcher
A. Valmorbida
Research Associate
M. Pertile Assistant Professor
A. Brunello
PhD student

L. Tarabini
System Engineer
E. Urgoiti
Space Structures & Mechanisms

J. F. Plaza
General Manager
A. Post
Space & Defense Director